Quickie veg

Ok – this is gonna be a real quick one – focus, you might miss it!
I was low on veggies and along came this amazing, yet simple and very flavourful cabbage dish.

What you will need:
Cabbage, shredded
Carrots, ribboned
Onion seeds {aka kalongi}
Sauté the carrots and cabbage in a chunk of butter {surely butter and bacon are two of the best ingredients?! Giving amazing flavour to just about anything…}.
Add a few sprinkles of onion seeds and season with salt.
That’s it – seriously!
Don’t overcook the veggies, you still want a bit of crunch, but they should be mostly soft and cooked.
Enjoy this with a nice pork chop or even just as is for a quick lunch.


Enjoy! X


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