About me


Hello, I’m Heidi…

I run a baking business called Pink Poppadom {how did you guess?!}, where I create fun, creative and stylish cakes, cupcakes and other bakes.

Let me design and bake your perfect cake {cupcakes, pops and other bakes} for that special occasion.

I have a wonderful team of tasters, quality control experts and design fundis 😉

I look forward to hear from you and bake up a storm!

Heidi X


6 thoughts on “About me

    • HeidiV says:

      I’ve just popped by your blog too and it’s so nice! A few yummy-looking treats caught my eye, so I’ll be sure to try some soon. Your story sounds very similar to mine, except that we went to India…
      Anyways, looking forward to reading more of your adventures & recipes! X

    • Heidi says:

      Hello Lyndsay!
      Wow – thanks so much for nominating me & my blog, it’s such an honour. You know, I sometimes forget that people so far away read my blog!
      I will have to go and think of answers and other questions to ask, but won’t take too long! Have a super day {or night?!}.

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