Thought for the day: Do what makes you Happy!


After my hectic day of housework {top to bottom cleaning!}, finding this gem of a quote on Facebook, just made my day!
Yes, I would have much rather read a good book, but then I suppose the dirty house would just irritate me too much and I wouldn’t have enjoyed my book. I must say, I now appreciate a clean house much more than when it’s cleaned by someone else. {I’m not saying I’m going to do it from now on, I’ll just appreciate it more…}

Hats off to all moms out there, cleaning their own homes all the time! It’s not easy cleaning up after 2 kids AND a husband.
Does anyone’s house ever stay clean for more than a few hours? Ours shone for perhaps 2 hours… And then Seb got home and hubby got home and the babysitter came to look after the kids and been and I returned from our muddy trail race and in an instant the floors were all dirty again, etc etc…
Ah well, I’m going to bed now – tomorrow’s another day. X
{By the way, it DID make me happy to do a bit of hard and heavy-duty labour!}


2 thoughts on “Thought for the day: Do what makes you Happy!

  1. Sally says:

    A house with kids can never stay neat or clean and if it is, then those kids are just not having enough fun in life :p

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