My twist on the classic Caprese Salad

As you know, I love simple flavours, using less ingredients and letting them shine.
Well, the caprese salad is such a great example of simple flavours that shine: from Capri, it usually consists of sliced fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and sweet basil, drizzled with olive oil & salt.
Now, as you also know, I love aubergine. No, I LOOOVE aubergine!
Long ago, like, a couple of years, I made these yummy aubergine stacks with grilled polenta, tomato and basil. I guess that’s where my Caprese was born, because I’ve made versions of it ever since.
Right, let me get to the point…

You will need:
Aubergine, sliced
Mozzarella or a soft white Gouda, sliced
Tomatoes, sliced {I used rosa tomatoes, but any will do}
Sweet basil
Pine nuts
Olive oil

Rub the aubergine slices with olive oil and grill until golden. Let it cool and place on a serving plate.
Top with sliced cheese, tomato and basil.
Dry roast pine nuts and scatter over the salad. Drizzle with olive oil and salt.

This salad is great as a starter, as it’s meant to be enjoyed traditionally, or as a side dish to a roast chicken. In fact, I’d say it’s brilliant with chicken!


The result – a nutty and earthy salad with the freshness of basil & tomatoes.
I could easily and happily eat the entire plate!
Enjoy! X


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