Preparing for Mother’s Day

So, this Sunday is Mother’s Day… {It should really be celebrated everyday, but hey, I guess ONE day off a year is enough for us mommies..!}
My ideal day would be something like this:
I would sleep in until about 9am {that will still leave the rest of the day to be pampered AND I get an extra 3 hours of sleep, ideally in a swanky boutique hotel…}
The boys will pop in for some cuddles and perhaps a gift or 2… {And obviously there will be cake and coffee involved.}
I will then take a leisurely bath and get dressed to go and have a champagne brunch on a vineyard {or a spa, or even better, a spa at a vineyard!} with my own dear mom. The men in our lives may join us for brunch.
Yes, I think that sounds fantastic! We could end the day with a movie or dinner at a really nice restaurant…
Aah yes…
Oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she?
Anyways, as I’m contemplating Mother’s Day, here are a few sweet treats that will be great with that morning coffee or whatever you might have planned:



I’m also planning some delicious new cupcakes and a few more cakes…
More to follow later this week.
So, what is your ideal Mother’s Day, if you’re a mom, or how will you be treating yours?


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