Merry Christmas! X


I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, full of blessings!
Thank you for all the support, likes and nice comments over the past few months.
Here’s to many for yummy dishes, scrumptious bakes and dreamy desserts… Fresh garden veggies and organic eggs; happy living and healthy kids!

Enjoy! X

My Food Baby

I officially have a ‘food baby’…
What is a food baby you might ask? Well, when I first joined our estate’s book club, there was talk of food babies, when you eat so much that you feel pregnant – with a food baby!

We had our estate’s Christmas lunch today and I honestly ate more than I had in ages – totally overdid it! Oops… {blush}
The food was just SO good, the company even better and the wine – well, the wine was great, as always! {my trusty old favourite – Pierre Jordan Tranquil}

Each person was assigned a dish – there was gammon, roast beef, chicken, salads to die for, veggie bakes, and desserts so good I had 2 helpings! {I will post my menu contributions during the coming week: smoked and roast beef, a veggie cheesecake and cinnamon custard slices}

What a great day – great food, great people and heaps of fun had by all! We even had a visit from ‘Santa’!




Christmas Gift guide

What a magical time of year! The smell of cinnamon and cookies and pine – so quintessentially Christmas and the holiday season. In South Africa, we get ourselves beach-ready, we sip cocktails and sundowners, we shop-till-we-drop to find perfect gifts and perfect summer outfits. The scent of suntan lotion and sand epitomises December for some of us, for others it’s the smell of a braai and Grandma’s famous Christmas pudding / dish / cookies, etc.

I tend to usually leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute {I leave most things till the last minute…} or until just before a function or our departure on holiday… The past two years though, I’ve been a bit more organised. With most of my family living far away and my parents in the States, I don’t really have a very long shopping list – and I do most of it online. I LOVE that – I can sit in the comfort of my own home, with my slippers on, sipping a glass of wine and just click away, knowing all my parcels will be delivered on time, all wrapped up and just perfect! I do love gift-wrapping though and I love making the packages look oh-so-pretty, and I still get to do that with family here. It’s really a win-win situation {shopping-wise}…

Anyways – getting back to my Gift Guide…
I’ve compiled a few things that I think are fab gifts – hope you also think they’re fab!





1. Leopard print studs – from Etsy shop, $3
2. Teacup bookends – from Typo shop
3. ‘Homemade’ cookie stamp – from Big Blu, R150
4. ‘Bake on’ tea towel set – from Mr Price Home, R50
5. Apron – from Mr Price Home, R90
6. Silver Kate Spade napkin rings, set of four – from Kate Spade, $40
7. Kitchenaid mixer – from, R6490 {for the one you love A LOT!}
8. Kitchenaid food processor – from, R6490
9. Le Creuset butter bell – from, R275
10. Le Creuset ramekin set of four – from, R220
11. Krups ice cream maker – from, R795
12. Le Creuset batter bowl – from, R320
13. Carpe Diem pillowcases – from, R75
14. Heart planters – from, $65
15. J. Crew necklace – from J. Crew
16. Eat napkin rings, set of 8 – from Etsy shop, $24
17. Kids initials necklace – from Etsy shop, $40+
18. Egg board – from, R149
19. Heart ceramic bowls – cannot find where these are from, but fab aren’t they?
20. Le Creuset flower ramekin – from, R180
21. Le Creuset French press – from, R660
22. Mr & Mrs chopping board – from Lulu & Georgia, $74
23. Cookie jar – from Crate & Barrel
24. Pineapple / rabbit jar – from Lulu & Georgia, $76.80

{I recently discovered Lulu & Georgia via a fab blog I follow, and I just love their quirky things! I also really love Ashley Brooke Designs blog, always packed with stylish and fun girly things!}

Whenever you’re doing your shopping – and however you’re doing it – do enjoy! X