Christmas Gift guide

What a magical time of year! The smell of cinnamon and cookies and pine – so quintessentially Christmas and the holiday season. In South Africa, we get ourselves beach-ready, we sip cocktails and sundowners, we shop-till-we-drop to find perfect gifts and perfect summer outfits. The scent of suntan lotion and sand epitomises December for some of us, for others it’s the smell of a braai and Grandma’s famous Christmas pudding / dish / cookies, etc.

I tend to usually leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute {I leave most things till the last minute…} or until just before a function or our departure on holiday… The past two years though, I’ve been a bit more organised. With most of my family living far away and my parents in the States, I don’t really have a very long shopping list – and I do most of it online. I LOVE that – I can sit in the comfort of my own home, with my slippers on, sipping a glass of wine and just click away, knowing all my parcels will be delivered on time, all wrapped up and just perfect! I do love gift-wrapping though and I love making the packages look oh-so-pretty, and I still get to do that with family here. It’s really a win-win situation {shopping-wise}…

Anyways – getting back to my Gift Guide…
I’ve compiled a few things that I think are fab gifts – hope you also think they’re fab!





1. Leopard print studs – from Etsy shop, $3
2. Teacup bookends – from Typo shop
3. ‘Homemade’ cookie stamp – from Big Blu, R150
4. ‘Bake on’ tea towel set – from Mr Price Home, R50
5. Apron – from Mr Price Home, R90
6. Silver Kate Spade napkin rings, set of four – from Kate Spade, $40
7. Kitchenaid mixer – from, R6490 {for the one you love A LOT!}
8. Kitchenaid food processor – from, R6490
9. Le Creuset butter bell – from, R275
10. Le Creuset ramekin set of four – from, R220
11. Krups ice cream maker – from, R795
12. Le Creuset batter bowl – from, R320
13. Carpe Diem pillowcases – from, R75
14. Heart planters – from, $65
15. J. Crew necklace – from J. Crew
16. Eat napkin rings, set of 8 – from Etsy shop, $24
17. Kids initials necklace – from Etsy shop, $40+
18. Egg board – from, R149
19. Heart ceramic bowls – cannot find where these are from, but fab aren’t they?
20. Le Creuset flower ramekin – from, R180
21. Le Creuset French press – from, R660
22. Mr & Mrs chopping board – from Lulu & Georgia, $74
23. Cookie jar – from Crate & Barrel
24. Pineapple / rabbit jar – from Lulu & Georgia, $76.80

{I recently discovered Lulu & Georgia via a fab blog I follow, and I just love their quirky things! I also really love Ashley Brooke Designs blog, always packed with stylish and fun girly things!}

Whenever you’re doing your shopping – and however you’re doing it – do enjoy! X


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