My Food Baby

I officially have a ‘food baby’…
What is a food baby you might ask? Well, when I first joined our estate’s book club, there was talk of food babies, when you eat so much that you feel pregnant – with a food baby!

We had our estate’s Christmas lunch today and I honestly ate more than I had in ages – totally overdid it! Oops… {blush}
The food was just SO good, the company even better and the wine – well, the wine was great, as always! {my trusty old favourite – Pierre Jordan Tranquil}

Each person was assigned a dish – there was gammon, roast beef, chicken, salads to die for, veggie bakes, and desserts so good I had 2 helpings! {I will post my menu contributions during the coming week: smoked and roast beef, a veggie cheesecake and cinnamon custard slices}

What a great day – great food, great people and heaps of fun had by all! We even had a visit from ‘Santa’!





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