#dessert anyone?

I have such a sweet tooth and that’s just a fact. No use lying about it…

So, here’s my recipe for a super easy, super quick and super satisfying chocolate and peanut butter pot {for 4 servings}.
Chocolate and peanut butter – so very American and so very delicious!

You will need:

4 dark chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate icing, halved
4tsp condensed milk
4tbs cream cheese
4tbs cream
4tsp peanut butter {use the one without added sugar, as the dessert is quite sweet already}
About 40 dark chocolate buttons

Place the top half of the cupcake {the one with the icing} in the bottom of an oven-safe glass or ramekin.
Layer a teaspoon each of peanut butter and condensed milk on top of the icing {the icing should face up, obviously}.
Next, layer a tablespoon of cream cheese and cream and sprinkle with about 10 dark chocolate ‘buttons’.
Place the remaining {bottom} half of the cupcake on top and bake at 160C for 20 minutes.
Serve warm and do let each person stir up their pud to get everything nice and mingled!

Enjoy! X



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