An amazing getaway, great food and fabulous people – total bliss! {All in our beautiful Mother City}

Where to begin…?
Well, I survived the Two Oceans {just barely!} and it felt GREAT! With legs that wanted to collapse and aching worse than they’ve ever ached, we did it in 2h09m – yay! My dear husband ran the entire race by my side and cheered me on – my hero! {2015 – watch this space…}

I just have to say this, so awesome, we met Prof Tim Noakes en route and Eben had a chat to him – what an inspiring man and so friendly…and fast!
Right, so 21.1km done and dusted, we had an entire week ahead of us to enjoy with our friends and family down in the Cape.
We had plenty of cheese, delectable pâtés and mmmmmarvelous wines…

Gorgeous winelands sunsets and gourmet picnics with fabulous friends and family – what could be better?



A stroll along the promenade to enjoy an ice cream and the magnificent view…

Back home and feeling totally inspired by our trip, I’m ready to roll! And by roll, I’m not referring to the couple of kilos I put on from all the cheese and wine! 😉
No, I’m feeling inspired by all the beauty in the Cape, innovation and self-motivation. {Happy dance!}
Cheers for now – I’ll be dishing out a few winter comfort recipes soon! X


One thought on “An amazing getaway, great food and fabulous people – total bliss! {All in our beautiful Mother City}

  1. Ronel Cronje says:

    Dis so great julle achievements, baie geluk.

    Ek voel of ek kan doen met n wyn toer deur die wyn land….love dit

    Ons moet kuier.

    Lekker dag en week

    Ronel Cronje


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