New year, new resolutions, new challenges, new opportunities… Hello 2014!

Ok, so we’re already a week into the new year, but I’ve been using this time to ponder a few things…

Firstly, what will my resolutions be for the new year? Ugh, I actually don’t like to make any new year’s resolutions, because they always end up forgotten by the end of January… So, I’ve decided that I won’t make any specific resolutions, apart from a few broader ones:
1) Work actively on growing Pink Poppadom
2) Continue with a healthier lifestyle, focusing even more on eliminating all bad things from our diets {grains, carbs, sugars}
3) Being more active, and
4) Cultivating a more positive mindset
{and obviously being a terrific mom, wife and ‘home exec’ – but that goes without saying… Oh yes, and being more organised!}

Secondly, what will this new year have in store? Last year was an exciting, yet hard year in a lot of respects – but most of all I feel blessed with my new son, born last year. I’m hoping there’s some great traveling on the cards for this year and big things for Pink Poppadom..!

I’ve been reading the most fabulous book – it is a lifestyle / cookbook called The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noakes. It is all about cutting carbs and all those other bad stuff from your diet, that the body does not need while still eating yummy scrummy food. We all know that I live for eating yummy scrummy food and I really believe that you can still do so without compromising your health, or flavour!
Anyways, so this book is all about ‘Banting’, which seems similar to Paleo… Oh, who can keep track of all the different terms?! Anyways, basically you stick to eating your meats, veggies and fruits, as well as certain dairy products, with the main difference that you’re encouraged to eat fat – yes, fat! Well, fatty meats and good oils, butter and cream. Nothing low-fat, no sugar, no grains or carbs or any form of processed food.
Sounds good to me! This eating style will help your body to perform better, burn off fat and just help you be the best you, you can be! {Sounds like a Dr Seuss rhyme 😉 }

There are some really fab recipes in this book to inspire you on your Banting journey – which of course, I will be cooking and sharing with y’all!

Now I just need to get myself nice and organised, get my shopping done for my weekly meals and ease into the rest of the week…

Happy Monday and happy 2014! X


{Footnote: I will always have room in my life and diet for cupcakes! That will be my teeny tiny guilty pleasure… Perhaps I will start baking gluten-free ones…}


One thought on “New year, new resolutions, new challenges, new opportunities… Hello 2014!

  1. Sara von Waltsleben says:

    Sho! I’m excited to see what you have in store for us Heidi. This Banting sounds like a fabulous way and I’m excited to read more about it. Can’t wait to see your recipes 🙂

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