Random Ramblings…


Today I’ve a lot of things on my mind, none of which really have anything to do with each other. Just some random ramblings…

I met up with a friend for some tea today, our ‘annual’ get-together, as she lives far, far away, in Windhoek.
A charming place, one I’ve driven past many times and heard of, but never been to, Contessa’s.
So anyways, we always chat about everything and anything, but what I love is that we can bounce ideas off each other, she’s great with marketing things and a LOT more organised than I am. Mentally and physically. So it helps me to sort of just organise things a bit in my own mind…

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, my Facebook page and Twitter, and how these should all tie together and whether they or not and if it all makes sense, you know?!
So I’ve decided now that yes, it does make sense, that this blog is about me and Pink Poppadom and anything really that I want it to be and that the Facebook page is more of a marketing tool for Pink Poppadom Cakes & Bakes. Something like that…

And Twitter, well, Twitter is Twitter I guess! I understand it, but sometimes all the hash-tagging gets a bit confusing, so I either end up not tagging anything, or I do everything.

Then, as I was driving home today, I just realised how much I love my automatic car! Gear / stick-shift cars are the pits…
I had to use hubby’s car today and his isn’t automatic, plus it’s a Land Rover Defender {basically a lorrie!} and it is just SO annoying to have to change gears every time you approach a red robot and have to slow down, or go through a stop street or drive up a hill, etc, etc… Grrrr so that was my bit of annoyance today.

I’ve also decided to do a detox… A juice-cleanse to be more specific. More on that later – let me first get my mind around it! I think I will start with a 2-day cleanse.
I’ve just been feeling a bit horrible the past few weeks, I get nauseous very easily {no, not pregnant!}, I’m not sleeping well and I have bags {!!!!} under my eyes! Yes, so I think a cleanse is in order…

What else..? Hmmm…

Oh yes, I thought I would just share my best winter buy: the best slippers ever! Sheepskin slippers that come up to your ankles, lined with wool.
As you can imagine, they’re not very pretty, but oh.my.gosh. they are super warm, super comfy and I can wear them outside too, they’re super durable!

I bought Eben a pair last year, and I’ve been wearing them whenever it gets cold. I’ve put off buying my own, because they’re quite ugly and pricey too, but then I just had to have them, so…
A definitive must-have for winter.

All right, well that’s all my rambling done for today!

Oh wait – movie to see: The Lego Movie

It is SO funny! More of an adult movie, but totally child-friendly too, it’s just more adult type humour.
Also, I’ve found my country of origin, or actually what my mind is like inside: Cloud Cuckoo Land from the Lego Movie. Hilarious, watch it!

Ok, ta-ta for now! X


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