Countdown to Two Oceans

Eeek – in exactly one week’s time, I’ll be running my very first half-marathon and just about the world’s largest one at that… {Two Oceans Marathon}
No pressure.
The furthest I’ve actually run, is 15km and it went fairly well, so I do feel ok for this 21, but I’m still nervous. I’ve decided not to run 21km before this race, because I reckon if you know what to expect, it’s scarier than not knowing. Rather be surprised on the day and that way you can just push through and do it, instead of knowing in your mind what’s waiting and fearing it.
That’s generally my motto in life. Look, it’s not for everyone, but I don’t like to prepare for stuff.
There, I’ve said it!
Obviously the are exceptions, but what I mean is, if you are going to do something difficult, obviously know the basics but don’t over-analyse, over-prepare or over-think!
You should be able to run. {Check.}
You should have run before. {Check.}
You should have run at least 10k. {Check.}
…and then it can stop right there.
{Look, I might feel different in a week’s time…}

From Monday, I’m going to try and exercise more and hopefully this bloody cold will be gone by then! I’m also going to eat better {no more sweets…} and try and get more sleep.

In the meantime, I found this picture on The Paleo Network and found it quite inspiring:

I won’t be throwing in the towel! X


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