Roast butternut & rocket salad

Our veggie garden has been delivering some yummy goods for the past month or so, including a few giant varieties… Well, sadly, it is coming to an end now and I need to plant new seeds. Sweet basil is still thriving and so are the tomatoes {except that something is eating it!}, but everything else is starting to come to an end.
I picked these butternuts – they were HUGE but didn’t really look like butternuts, so I thought, well let me use it and see how it turns out…


Turns out, these taste almost like normal butternuts, or a cross between a regular butternut and baby marrow, and they’re just much lighter and sort of longer…
Anyways – I’ll have to read up on this variety.
Here they are in my roast butternut & rocket salad – simple and delicious:


Cut the butternut and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and your favourite ‘sprinkle’. {I used Peppadew spice.}
Roast for an hour at 180C until they’re tender. Just before they’re done, add some pine nuts and return to the oven to finish roasting.
Let it cool slightly and toss with fresh rocket leaves & olive oil. Season with ground sea salt.
Add a few dollops of cream cheese.
Enjoy! X


One thought on “Roast butternut & rocket salad

  1. Ani says:

    What?? Haha I have never seen a squash like that! We have grown spaghetti squash, but I wish I could just have an endless garden with everything from berries to sweet potatoes to zucchini.

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