10th Birthday Monster Cupcakes

This weekend was quite a busy one – with last-minute Christmas cake orders, a tenth-birthday cupcake order, as well as a few social events! Thank goodness for long-weekends, right?
I received a request for birthday cupcakes for a boy turning ten – the cupcakes had to be strawberry flavour, so at first I was a bit stumped as to how to make these strawberry cupcakes boyish… I scoured the internet for recipe and theme ideas and eventually I decided on monster-themed strawberry cupcakes. {I know my son loves monsters!}
I created two types of monsters – one a strawberry monster {my own creation} and the other just a generic monster {quite like the Monster Inc fellas – thanks Pinterest!} to adorn these yummy strawberry cupcakes.
These scrummy cupcakes are oh-so-moist and fluffy, with swirls of strawberry coulis inside and a strawberry butter icing. {Yum!}


{To order cakes or cupcakes, send me an e-mail to pinkpoppadom@gmail.com}


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