Ouma’s vetkoek

My gran (or Ouma in Afrikaans) used to make these yummy little vetkoeks (a traditional type of dough dumpling, like a savoury doughnut) when we were younger and visiting her and Oupa (grandpa). She would just whip up a whole batch and us kids would gobble them up before they even made it to the table! She always made them with tinned sweet corn and some with viennas (like hotdog sausages).

We’ve had the most glorious rain today – it lasted for pretty much the entire day – and it just reminded me of my childhood days in the Cape with Ouma & Oupa.

I decided to whip up a batch of these yummy little vetkoeks {why am I always so hungry when the weather is all grey and dreary?!} and they went down a treat! Hubby just loved it and so did little Seb.

For the vetkoek:

1 cup of flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg, lightly beaten

a pinch of salt

1/2 a cup of milk

sunflower oil for frying

Sift together the dry ingredients and mix in the egg. Add the milk to form a wet batter.

I used Russian sausage cut into small pieces and half the batter for the sausage vetkoeks. Use a spoon to coat sausage pieces in the batter and drop into a pan of hot oil. Cook until they are golden and slightly puffed.

Use the other half of the batter and mix in half a tin of corn. Drop spoonfuls into the pan with hot oil and cook.

Serve with a chili dipping sauce. {No, I did not make my own dipping sauce, I just used a medium hot one from the store..!}

Enjoy! X

Ouma's vetkoek


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