Midweek Braai

It’s been a while since we just plain braaid {is that even a word?!}, so last night we had boerewors and grilled sweet potatoes on the braai, along with a strawberry summer salad.

We’re a bit deprived in the sleep department and decided that a round of sleep training is {very} due for our oldest, Seb… of course, when you sleep train, you have to be devoted to it, blah-de-blah-blah… and then sometimes you have to compromise a bit on dinner. But – if you keep it nice and simple and fire up the braai a bit later when said kiddos are in bed, you can have your cake {dinner} and eat it too!

That’s exactly what we did last night – hubby put Seb to bed while I prepared everything for our braai and got things going. All I had to do was season the sweet potatoes and wrap in tinfoil and make the salad.

For the sweet potatoes:

Use however many you want – I made 4

Wash the sweet potatoes and leave the skin on

Cut a slit on either side of the sweet potato and spread on a dollop of butter

Season with peppadew spice {or any favourite spice or rub}

Wrap in tinfoil with the shiny side on the inside

The sweet potatoes should go onto the grill first, as they take about 45-60minutes to cook. You want them to be nice and soft and allow the butter and seasoning to ‘absorb’ properly. When those are ready, you can put on the boerewors and grill for about 15 minutes on each side – or until cooked {but still juicy!}.

For the salad:

Baby spinach leaves

Rocket leaves

Ripe strawberries

Goats cheese

Balsamic vinegar

Cut strawberries into slices and toss with the leaves. Add chunks of goats cheese and dress with balsamic vinegar.

So simple, yet delicious and perfect for a stressful day. Enjoy! X

Midweek Braai image


One thought on “Midweek Braai

  1. Arno von waltsleben says:

    Hhhhhmmm …how i miss the old braai outside on a wood fire sommer net!!!
    That looks very healthy despite the boerewors. Well balanced meal…good job Heidi!!

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