Scrummy Cake Pops

Cake pops – ok, nothing new there, but perhaps forgotten a little bit?

Now, you get cake pops, and then you get… Cake Pops! I’m not talking about small bite-sized ‘cakes’ – the ones you bake in special cake pop pans – although those are also yummy, I’m talking about ooey-gooey-yummy-scrummy cake pops!

These pops are made from proper cakes – call it cake-upcycling if you want. You can either take an entirely new cake – icing and all, or use leftover cake.

I used a whole vanilla sponge cake (about 1kg) with a bit of fondant icing and added some more plain butter icing (about half a cup mixed icing) and apricot jam (3 tbs – this makes it more ooey-gooey and helps to bind them together nicely).

Use a fork to crumble up the cake and mix in the jam and icing. Roll into small bite-sized balls and then roll into castor sugar – refrigerate until you need them, so they will set nicely. When you’re ready to serve, place onto sticks and vóila!

{You can do any flavour and dusting – another good one is to dip them into lime flavoured icing and roll into shredded coconut.}

Enjoy! x

Vanilla cake pops


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