The ‘Golden’ Egg

After weeks (months) of patiently waiting for our chickens to lay their eggs, we were pleasantly surprised yesterday with two little eggs inside the coop!

Yay! It felt as if I had ‘laid’ them myself, I was so proud! I just don’t know which chicken it came from… We have 5 original hens, but they’re actually still 2 weeks away from laying, and then we have another hen, she’s a bit older, who probably laid these eggs.  Anyways, I suppose it doesn’t really matter who did it!

The eggs are a bit smaller than I would have expected, but apparently they get bigger – hooray!  I fried the eggs for breakfast this morning and oh my, what yummy eggs they were!! A golden yolk, so vibrantly golden, and perfectly fresh whites, not too runny. Even though they were smaller than regular shop-bought ‘free range’ (yeah right!) eggs, they tasted a hundred times better!

I made shop-bought eggs as well, and hubby and I each got one of each type of egg so we could compare. The difference is quite remarkable. I SO cannot wait for more eggs – imagine how yummy custard would be – or an omelette or anything using eggs!

Here’s to dozens and dozens of yummy, hearty, golden eggs! X

Our first eggs!


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