Confessions of a blogaholic

{shopaholic / cookaholic / momaholic}

A lot of friends and blog followers have asked me recently where I find time to do all of this… I presume by ‘this’ they’re referring to my cooking & blogging?

So I’ve been giving it some thought and I realized – hey – this is my job! Ok, I didn’t just now realise, but still… Yes, this is my job – I’m a mom {here I can list a whole page of job descriptions} and I run our household {again – insert any number of tasks!}.  I cook everyday – yes I do love cooking – and then I tell you guys about what I’ve made! So it’s really just the blogging bit that takes up more time, and quite frankly I’m really enjoying that too.

People often think that being a stay-at-home mom is so glamorous, that I sit around and paint my nails / catch up with the girls / do lunch /etc everyday… Well, I usually roll out of bed every morning just before my husband goes off to work (to earn us some bacon!) to get the kids sorted and pack him some lunch. Bless him, he makes me coffee in the mornings, although I suspect he’s only doing it so I will actually get up… Hmmm…

You see, I’m up quite a lot at night, with one breastfed baby and another toddler who gets night terrors from time to time… {I still love my job!}

Once I’m up and going, I stroll around in a pair of tatty cut-off shorts and an old manky t-shirt and flops: doing washing, tidying the house, soothing and feeding the baby, separating toddler and dog, etc!  I only take a shower once the boys are both napping!  I might then also get in a bit of me-time (no, no my friends, not to read a book or watch some TV – no, by me-time, I mean I get to dry my hair or paint my nails or plan dinner etc!) and enjoy some leftovers for lunch.

I can’t actually tell anyone exactly what it is I do all day, I just know that I am super busy with all the things that need to get done.  I especially love it when my husband asks me what I plan to do today or what I have done today and my answer is something like ‘well I’m going grocery shopping’ or ‘I’m planning on washing the dog’, like that’s ALL I’m going to do / have done! Meanwhile, that’s over and above the daily stuff…

Anyways, this was by no means a moaning session, I just thought I’d put it out there. I know there must be millions of moms that know exactly what I mean and may even feel the same way.  I am very grateful and privileged to be able to be at home with my boys! And to have the time to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

I always say that in my next life, I’d like to be a dad! Hahaha! {just kidding though}


Just saw this gem on Facebook – so appropriate!




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