Nicoise Salad

Nicoise Salad

Does anyone else feel lazy on a Monday night..? Sort of still in weekend mode, and to top it all, the fridge is kinda empty too and we seem to have just skipped spring altogether and gone straight into summer – so salad it is!

(I cannot wait for our veggies to finally start growing and to be able to just pick whatever I want straight from the garden!  Hubby has made a fabulous vegetable garden and is still busy planting… (The chickens keep digging up and eating all the seeds!)  Anyways, that’s about 3-4 months away from reality and until then I’ll have to make do with shop-bought veggies.

So this is what I rustled up tonight – my take on a Niçoise salad, using sardines:

2 tins of Portugese sardines in vegetable oil (remove bones from middle)

3 hard boiled eggs, halved


small plum tomatoes, quartered


danish feta cheese


olive oil

Red wine vinegar

Toss together, season with freshly ground salt & black pepper and enjoy! X


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