Monday dinner

Tonight I made spicy chicken livers, served with sweet potato mash and a raisin relish, along with a salad.

Spicy chicken livers, sweet potato mash & raisin relish

Spicy chicken livers, sweet potato mash & raisin relish

For the livers:

500g chicken livers


olive oil

red chillies

salt & peppadew seasoning

Heat oil & butter in a pan, and add the chopped red chili.  Add chicken livers and season. Place a weight on top of the livers to compress them and ensure a crispy outside.  Fry until cooked and crispy.

For the mash:

sweet potatoes (I used 2)

butter salt

Boil sweet potatoes in salt water until tender, mash and stir in butter.

For the relish:

(I used a recipe from Taste magazine of Mariana Esterhuizen)

1 cup of giant mixed raisins

2 cups rooibos tea

teaspoon lemon zest and lemon juice

Steep raisins for an hour in the tea, add lemon juice and zest and let it boil, then simmer until reduced to a syrupy consistency.

Serve mash with livers and the relish – add a fresh green salad.

Enjoy! X


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