All organic garden veggie salad

I love the simple things in life – if you have to dress it up too much, there’s something not quite right… I prefer to use fewer ingredients, good ingredients, and just let them shine!
The same goes for {in my opinion} clothing, as well as home decor – keep it simple and rather invest in a few good quality and stylish items that will stay pretty and classic for years to come.
Ok, back to the salad…
Our veggie garden has been providing us with some fabulous treats over the past few weeks – butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, {giant} marrows, beetroot, rocket, sweet basil and coriander. The tomatoes are starting to grow, but are still green and I’ll soon be able to pick some gem squash.



This delicious salad came mostly from my garden, except for the garlic, onions, seeds and feta cheese!


Take a few carrots, beetroot and baby marrows {or giant ones!}, cut them into strips or wedges, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with freshly ground sea salt and pepper. Add a couple of squashed garlic cloves and sprinkle everything with some Peppadew spice and roast in the oven for about 40minutes at 180C. After 40minutes, add a handful of pumpkin seeds and some pine nuts. Add more olive oil and roast for another 15-20minutes until everything is cooked.
In a pan, sauté 2 sliced onions on low heat in butter and olive oil. When they’re soft, add about a tbs of honey and balsamic vinegar. Let everything caramelise and set aside.

Let the onions and roast veggies cool off before tossing them with some fresh rocket and butter lettuce. Add feta cheese and serve.

Enjoy! X


Crispy Grilled Chicken Livers with Seasonal Veggies

I do love chicken livers, but hate cooking them! The way they pop and splatter everywhere… My dad taught me a nifty little trick; putting a weight on top of the livers while they fry will prevent them from popping and also make them nice and crisp. Using a lid will just make them boil… So gross!

Tonight’s dish consists of 5 components – wilted spinach, buttery grilled sweet potatoes, grilled aubergines, tomato relish and crispy grilled chicken livers. This is such a great dish – perfectly filling, bursting with flavour, yet light and delicate. {This would make a perfect meal-in-a-jar too!}

Crispy Grilled Chicken Lives

Wilted Spinach:

Roughly chop 2 handfuls of spinach and sauté in butter. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Sweet Potatoes:

Peel and thinly slice 3 sweet potatoes. Place in a baking dish, add a few dollops of butter and a sprinkle with a bit of nutmeg. Bake at 180C for about 45minutes.

Grilled Aubergines:

Slice one aubergine into 1/2cm slices, brush with olive oil and grill in a hot pan until golden and cooked.

Tomato Relish:

Slice one small onion and sauté in olive oil. Add 2tsp tomato paste and let it caramelise. Add a handful of small Roma tomatoes, cut in half. Flash fry for a few minutes, but don’t let it cook until mushy.

Crispy Grilled Chicken Livers:

I used 500g of chicken livers. Heat about 100g of butter and a splash of olive oil in a non-stick pan along with 2 red chillies and a clove of garlic, chopped. Add livers, season with salt and place a heavy pot on top. Fry until you can hear the livers starting to pop, then turn them over. Fry until both sides are crisp and brown. You might need to do them in two batches.

Assemble and enjoy! X