What inspires you?

What inspires you? What inspires me?
Well, a lot of things inspire me, but at the moment I’m in need of some inspiration. Sometimes you just fail to find inspiration, it’s like you just don’t see anything, nothing speaks to you.
That sounds a bit dark…
But I’m sure you know what I mean? Sometimes you just feel so caught up in the daily stuff {be it work, home things, the kids, hubby, whatever} that you battle to dream a bit, plan ahead, let your mind wander.

I’m often inspired by other people and what they’ve accomplished, especially in the food industry and especially if they started small. I love Masterchef and love seeing all the innovating dishes the contestants produce. I must admit, I don’t read a lot of foodie magazines, I prefer browsing Pinterest and buying a really decent cookbook, and then the occasional magazine when the cover grabs me. Oh yes, and of course I must always have the Sarie Kos edition, an Afrikaans foodie magazine that’s just fab!
I enjoy reading food blogs too and am in awe of the amazing things these people produce, as well as the great pictures.

My family inspires me. Not just the foodie ones, the others too!
My kids inspire me. My friends inspire me. The outdoors & nature inspire me.

At the moment, I feel a bit uninspired and bogged down by the daily grind…
So – chin up and time to get inspired!




What inspires you? X