Our Veggie Garden!

I’m so excited about our veggie garden! We’ve started to plant a few seeds – mielies (corn), carrots, beets and spinach, as well as some herbs – sage, coriander, basil, dill and watercress.

Our thieving chickens are pecking up all the seedlings – grrr – but some of them are still hanging in there. Hubby is fencing off our veggie patch tomorrow and hopefully the chickens will stay out!

Anyways, as this is our first attempt at becoming more self sustainable, we will see how it goes and then go from there. (I love plants and growing herbs, but to be honest, nothing survives for very long at my hands… {blush})

I found a really great blog about growing your own vegetables:  www.its-our-life-for-six.blogspot.com

So inspiring – I hope our veggies will turn out as beautiful as theirs!

Here’s a peek into our garden (remember nothing has sprouted yet!):

image image image

The compost heap was made from old pallets (yes – another one for Pinterest!) and we filled them with horse manure, as well as all the fruit & veg off cuts from the kitchen. Holes were made into the heap by placing thick wooden poles down the middle and then removing them – for ventilation.

The veggie patch fencing is made from off cuts of wood we had lying around – well, it came from an old shed that was taken down. Hubby sawed all the pieces to size and then timbered them all together to form these fab picket fences. We saved about R5000 by making them ourselves – whoop whoop!

image image imageimage

My wish for our little seedlings: grow baby grow!



Kids bunkbed – DIY

Finished bunkbedStaining & varnishing of bed

I decided on a bunkbed for the boys – Seb is ready to sleep in a ‘big boy bed’, and by the time Francois is ready for a bed, Seb can move to the top bed, or the beds can be taken down and just be 2 single beds. Either way, I still love the bunkbed look, plus it’s a great space-saver! (Something we don’t have a lot of in our little country cottage!)

After shopping around a bit, I found a great Small Business that could make it just the way I want… But, and it’s a BIG but, it would’ve taken 3 months minimum to supply!

Eek – I don’t have the time or patience for that, so, I decided to Do It Myself… (Well, sort of – we bought a ready-made natural pine bed, which I then stained and varnished myself.)

It was really easy to do and didn’t take that long (ok, it took 3 weeks, as I could only really do it during the boys’ nap times, and I didn’t work on it every day…).

And here it is – thanks hubby for assembling! 😉

(Bunkbed & mattrasses from Lotter’s Pine, wood stain is a Woodoc gel stain {dawn red} and the varnish is a matt sealer, also from Woodoc.)