Very Most Delicious Chicken Curry

Oh {head wiggling} here is my recipe for the very most delicious chicken curry {more head wiggling}…

Hehe, if you’ve ever been to India, you’ll get this… If not, it’s time to visit India!

We spent a year and a half in India and like I’ve said before, the curries we get here in SA, and most probably anywhere else outside of India, are not the same as you’d find in India. Yes sure, you’ll get your butter chicken anywhere in the world, as well as the touristy spots in India, but even then it’s not quite the same.
Nevertheless, the food you would eat at people’s homes or tiny authentic, local ‘restaurants’ or ‘dhabas’ were always the best! You can taste all the different spices and everything is always made with only the freshest ingredients. The dishes were also never extremely hot & spicy, just the right amount of chilies were used.

You’ll notice my curry doesn’t look creamy, even though I used coconut cream. This is just to give it a bit of a coconut flavour, nothing too overpowering.


You will need:
1 whole chicken, broken down into pieces {use everything, even the leftover carcass bit, as this adds to the flavour and nutrition}
1 onion, chopped
Yellow mustard seeds {1 tsp}
Whole coriander seeds {1tbs}
Curry powder {masala powder, includes turmeric} {2 tbs}
Black onion seeds {kalonji} {1 tsp}
Green cardamom seeds {3, bashed to open up the seed}
Garlic {3 cloves, chopped}
Ginger {thumb sized piece, chopped}
Tomato paste {2 tbs}
Chopped canned tomatoes {1 tin}
Coconut cream {3 tbs}
Fresh coriander to sprinkle on top
Chicken stock {1 cup}
Olive oil
1 large sweet potato, diced

Start by sautéing the onions in butter and olive oil {you could also use coconut oil} in a large pot. Add all the spices and fry until fragrant.
Salt the chicken and add all the pieces to brown. Once the chicken has browned, remove it and the onion & spice mixture and set aside.
In the same pot, caramelise the tomato paste and add the tinned tomatoes to form a rich tomato sauce.
Return the chicken, onions and spices and add the stock and sweet potato.
Season with salt and let it all simmer away for about 50 minutes until the chicken is cooked.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander {use the stems and leaves!} and serve.

You’ll be rewarded with a very tasty, delicious chicken curry packed with flavour. If you want it a bit hotter, just add a small red birds eye chili, sliced lengthways.
The broth is so healthy and tasty and will do just the trick to keep the flu at bay.
Enjoy! X